Education in Indonesia

Education indonesia
It is frustrating and ironic that in Indonesia, the educational industry is heavily leaning towards conventional means of translating and practicing educational activities. Non-formal education organizations are often constrained by traditional procedures and practices of previous generations. This means that in order to be recognized as competent and knowledgeable in the industry, one must already be well-established within the community. For example, newcomers who come up with new ways of conveying educational content are not immediately accepted unless they have many recommendations or references within the industry.

In other words, there is little room for newcomers and their innovations unless they have already been "inaugurated" into the community. This contradicts the current educational ministry, led by Nadiem Makarim, the founder of Gojek, who promotes disruption in the industry.

I believe that the educational industry in Indonesia should adapt and embrace newcomers and their innovations without prejudice. This would lead to tremendous growth in the industry, solving problems and impacting the government in a positive way.

The bureaucracy and paperwork procedures in the industry should also be reviewed and made more adaptable to newcomers and new technologies. Failure to do so will only worsen the skills and knowledge of a large number of people and generations in Indonesia, as the country is already behind by about 15 years compared to other advanced nations in the ASEAN region.

It is hoped that these changes will be adopted within the educational industry soon, looking towards a brighter future for the generations to come.